BTR Motors

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Who We Are

Brad Campbell

With over 25 years of vested time, energy, knowledge, and skill, he has accomplished so many things in that span of time. Racing professional monster trucks, building several custom hot rods for himself, owning and operating businesses ranging from dirt work for luxury homes to the world's longest monster truck thrill ride. Each of these helped instill the sense of pride in his work and allowed him the freedom to enhance his natural talent to create amazing things. The vehicle highlighted on this website, the Sin City Hustler, was a culmination of those skills, and Brad created and built it without the help of computers. What he does is nothing short of spectacular.

Why Us?

Over the years BTR has evolved from simple fabrications and modifications in a garage to designing and bringing to life the world's longest monster truck and luxury 4x4. We have owned exotic vehicles, engineered several one-off machines, and created desireable customs. At BTR, no shortcuts are made, no detail missed. Precision, quality, and pride are what make our vehicles the caliber of automobile that anyone would like to own.