BTR Motors

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As some of you know our niece was diagnosed with OMS a couple years ago. To help show our thanks we are offering free rides to OMS kiddo's and their immediate families. Check out their website to learn about their cause and support their endeavors! You can also go to our website and see a quick view on our OMS Life Foundation tab.

A program designed for Blind Children, Children with Special Needs and their families. To Fund medical research in the field of congenital eye disorders, Autism, the granting of funds and supplies to these children, families, and non-profit organizations that share a common interest.

To educate both parents and children on their emotional, physical and spiritual needs is of great importance to Savannah’s ~My Charity 4 Kids/ VolunteerOne Charity.

To ensure a sense of well being through the education of body, mind and spirit, is to secure the enlightenment of our children’s and families structures future.

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