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Welcome and thank your for your interest in the Sin City Hustler Extreme Luxury Monster Truck

What you are seeing on this page has no rival. There is no competitor, no similar model, nothing in proximity of quality, idea, or style. To the casual eye, this is a monster truck, extreme, awesome, loud, and impressive. To the more discerning person, they will see the mechanical feat this truly is.

How many vehicles are still built, by hand, piece by piece, from the ground up? Not many. It’s costly, time consuming, and requires no room for human error. When we commenced the fabrication of this behemoth, cost, time, and perfection were not factors in deciding whether to build or not. Only the best, strongest, and highest quality materials were used from each bolt to the high end inverter that operates the electronics. Each piece was measured, and re-measured, not relying on a machine or computer to ensure exactness. What started out as a mechanical build became art, and a one of a kind machine emerged.

Here is your opportunity to own a small engineering marvel, one that you can drive, take to the dunes, impress your friends, market your company, use as a lucrative business, or D) all the above. There is no end of options this truck could be utilized for and this truck was built to handle them all. Not one person who has seen it (motorsports fan or not) has been unimpressed, and those who have been for a ride have appreciated its quality, agility, excitement, and amenities. Anyone with money can buy a supercar, but only one person can own this exclusive luxury off road machine. Sometimes, you just have to take it off the pavement, and this is the most extraordinary way to do it.

On this page you will find the spec sheets for the truck, as well as a gallery of pictures and general information.

Additionally, 80k+ in new spare parts will come with the truck, and a list is available upon request.

We have received a lot of requests regarding the durability and functionality of the truck, and have decided to break it down better.

As noted above, this truck is a product of owning/operating a pro monster truck race team. For years we have built and raced trucks, testing not only designs, ideas, and our own custom fabricated parts, but also the best parts and products the aftermarket world has to offer. This machine was build with the best of everything and more of what we would put into a race truck. 

Our intention for building this truck was to be able to thrill riders with the most realistic experience possible with the unique styling of a pro monster truck, which is why the truck was entirely overbuilt. It's current setup is to run 7 days a week on a short course. This translates to 5-10 minutes of exciting action-packed run time up and over hills, doing zig zag turns, navigating the edge of slot canyons, fast accelerations, and donuts, all for the amazement of those strapped in to the seats. 

If you are looking for this truck to have in your personal car collection or an over the top machine on your property, and want to fire it up to give friends and family the ride of their life, this truck is currently dialed in for that. 

Now, for the other half of you wondering what you can do with this truck;


The #1 rule in our race team and fab shop:

              While we use the best parts available, every extreme machine is subject to failing parts. That is why, with our unique racing background, it is important to have everything designed to be changed as quickly and easily as possible. This truck is no exception.  Engines can be swapped within hours, transmissions can be pulled within 30 minutes, transfer case gears can be swapped in a matter of minutes. What this all adds up to is that this truck was built to be extremely dependable with a little maintenance, and when there is a problem, they are easily fixed. For people who have been asking if the truck can handle long tours or lengthy drive time, the answer is yes. The only change as far as longer runs would be a suggested swap out of the 700+ hp motor currently in it, for a more mild built 460 engine, which would also provide better fuel economy. This would be simple to do and we would be able and willing to do it at the customer's request. 

As for the dependability of the remainder of the truck, it's virtually unbreakable, and up for the challenge of any terrain. While Russia has taken quite an interest in the truck and has questioned the ability to handle snow/ice, I am certain it would be fun and handle it. It might require some studs in the tires for better traction, or if you need to be real serious, they do make chains for this size tire. 

Hopefully this help a little and for the serious buyer, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions/requests.  Thanks