What you see is what you get...

If what you see is unlimited possibility

Let's be honest.This truck does not politely whisper for looks, it demands them. At 32' long this behemoth clocks in more surface area marketing space than any billboard, and let's face it, who sends pictures of billboards to their friends? Billboards do not have Instagram followers, and billboards are single dimensional advertisements. What this truck isn't, is single dimensional. What it is, is limited only in capacity by our imaginations. Do you want to increase your brand presence? Lets do it. Make more money? Got it. Have a one-of-a-kind image to represent your company? It's right in front of you. 


Not only is this beast incredible to behold, it can be utilized in the entertainment aspect for promotions. Whether integrated for stunts, commercials, rides, etc, it is something that will be a remembered part of any show or event.


Merchandise is not only a lucrative aspect of any campaign, but it creates impressions faster and more solidified than anything else. Your name on a toy or a t-shirt being worn around does much more than any "like" on Facebook.


One aspect of the truck that is unique is the element of mobility. While it doesn't fit neatly in a cargo trailer, it is easily moved about which makes on the road campaigns successful. Additionally, any time of day, that rig is on display for the world, even at the Wal-Mart parking lot. 


There is no other truck like this in the world. There is not any limitation to what can be added to this truck to make it even more of a desirable show piece. I can guarantee that in your lifetime, there will never, ever be another opportunity like this.



Tel. 253-377-2266

20606 N US HWY 93




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